Kevin Harper

Systems Admin & Python Developer

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I've held several IT positions, ranging from web development, to client liaison, to server administration. Developing software to solve complex problems is what I have enjoyed the most.

Done That


As technology changes, so too do the possibilities. Tools of the craft must keep up. Below is a collection of some of the tools that I've used along the way.

Database and Data Analysis


REST APIs, Database Querying, Web Scraping, Data Visualization.

Creator of cleanplotlib.

DB configuration & maintenance, to include: PostgreSQL, mySQL, and FileMaker.

Academic exposure to Access.

  • SQL
  • JSON and XML
  • Python 2.7/3.6
    - IPython
    - PyDev
    - NumPy
    - matplotlib
  • wget
  • regex

Software Development

Web-based software development, Python package development, server scripts, UI design.

Regular contributor to open source projects on GitHub.

Academic exposure to Java,, MS Visual Studio, and C.


  • Python via Django frameworks
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including jQuery)
  • bash
  • PHP (including Laravel and Slim frameworks)

Other IT

Docker, AWS, LXC/LXD, Ansible, version control systems, network configurations.

Current subscription to Linux Academy.

Server configuration & maintenance, to include: Linux and Windows

Phone system support & maintenance, to include: Positron PBX, OpenPBX, Nortel BCM. Brief exposure to Avaya-based systems.

Use of open source software to replace common commercial products (when possible).


  • docker-compose
  • EC2 & RDS
  • git, GitHub, & GitLab
  • Ubuntu, CentOS, & VMWare
  • Win 2003, 2008 R2, 2012 R2
  • AD, DNS, WSUS, network shares, print servers
  • pfSense, Aerohive Networks, Netgear, Extreme Networks


Cloud, OS, CI, & CD
    Linux Academy | Dec/2017 - Current

Data Analysis
    General Assembly | Jun/2017

Molecular & Cellular Biology
    University of Arizona | Dec/2010